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In the frame of the IFAD-PROCASUR Programme “Learning Routes: a Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Tool for Rural Development in East and Southern Africa Programme”, PROCASUR supports knowledge management and capacity building strategies for scaling-up best practices and innovations for poverty reduction among IFAD stakeholders in the ESA Region. The Programme aims to increase knowledge sharing and learning at project and country levels by building up human capital, facilitating the adoption of best practices and improving the results and impacts of IFAD operations in the region. This is done by:

  • Identifying, systematizing and disseminating existing knowledge on innovations and best practices;
  • Identifying local champions who are playing a key role in promoting innovations and enabling them to organize and sharing their experience using Learning Routes methodology, to make it available to other people;
  • Designing and implementing Learning Routes and furthering the dissemination of the knowledge acquired.

Our Technical Assistance offers integrate solutions to manage knowledge. For those tackling with issues on “how to do knowledge management in development”, Procasur brings in its expertise. For example, we have worked with development project staff and grantees in helping them to document, systematize, share and scale up successful practices and experiences. The trainings and tools we use for knowledge management are customized to each client, and are suitable to capture diverse knowledge in the most remote rural, sometimes illiterate communities, as well as in more established institutions. We offer intergrated solutions in customized trainings and tools in knowledge management, documentation, systematization, sharing and scaling up of best practices.

Methodological Training in Rwanda

Under the ROUTESA grant to selected countries in ESA, during the second half of 2011, PAPSTA (Support Project to the Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture) and KWAMP (Kirehe Community-based Watershed Management Project), both programs of the Government of Rwanda, agreed with PROCASUR to acquire methodological expertise in knowledge management in agriculture and rural development, especially in the identification, documentation and exchange of best practices. Hence, in 2011, PROCASUR trained PAPSTA and KWAMP project staff thus enabling them to systematize innovative practices and models. In this context two (2) experiences were documented.

As part of PAPSTA’s closing activities in 2012 and in the context of the earlier mentioned partnership, PAPSTA approached PROCASUR to assist in the handover of its operations and the knowledge stock of best identified practices of PAPSTA to partners such as the local administrations, farmers´ organizations, cooperatives, and other institutions within the sector. For this purpose, discussions were held with Single Project Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture in Rwanda (SPIU/MINAGRI) that led to a close collaboration and partnership between PROCASUR and SPIU.  The following is the report on the methodological transfer:

Methodological Transfer SPIU PAPSTA Project in Rwanda

An Integrated and Participatory Approach to Sustainable Watershed Management  The Projects PAPSTA and KWAMP

Une approche integree et participative de gestion durable des bassins versants - Les projets PAPSTA et KWAMP