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Learning from climate change adaptation innovative experiences of communities and government departments at the County level in ASALs. A Learning Route for policy makers

TIM 8170-2

2nd to 7th of September 2013

Climate change and variability have become a worldwide concern, increasingly impacting the livelihoods of individuals in both the global North and South.

Climate change induced increases in rainfall and temperature variability and extreme weather events are projected to produce a rise in crop failures, pest and disease outbreaks and the degradation of land and water resources. These impacts are likely to hit arid and semi-arid regions in Africa especially hard. The need to develop effective adaptation and mitigation strategies has become crucial to securing livelihoods and community development. Countries in East Africa have climate change response strategies in place and are working on National Adaptation Plans.

In light of these needs, the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security programme (CCAFS), and the Adaptation Learning Programme in Africa (ALP) implemented by CARE International, have joined efforts with PROCASUR to develop a Learning Route on “Learning from Climate Change Adaptation Innovative Experiences of Communities and Local Governments in ASALs”.

The main objective of this learning route is to share experiences and lessons from ongoing adaptation activities and current development projects that focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation in arid and semi-arid lands in order to influence policy.