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Making Rangelands Secure II

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14th - 28th September 2012

Interest is growing among civil society members in Africa to safeguard long term equitable and sustainable environmental management and governance to land, building upon this, the ILC joined efforts

with PROCASUR to develop a learning initiative on “Making Rangelands Secure”. The Initiative has been established by a group of organizations seeking to improve security of rights to rangelands and seeks to identify and communicate good practice on making rangelands secure for local rangeland users. This is becoming increasingly challenging as different actors compete for land and resources, and new pressures grow. The Initiative is working with national and local governments, development agencies, NGOs and CSOs, and local communities to share experiences, processes, approaches and activities between East and Horn of Africa and beyond.

After the successful implementation of the learning initiative in February 2012, PROCASUR with the support of key implementing partners: (The ILC (International Land Coalition), The International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD), USAID (United States Agency for International Development, UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme) amongst others organized the second implementation of the learning initiative "Making Rangelands Secure" in September 2012.  The learning route is one of the key activities of the learning initiative on ‘making rangelands secure’ in which PROCASUR was engaged to offer methodological support.
The learning route focussed on natural resource management & land tenure in the Rangelands; gathering lessons learned from Kenya and Tanzania, with implications for Darfur.

The route demonstrates that exposing key decision makers and technical staff to relevant experiences or case studies on natural resource management and land tenure in other similar dryland contexts can inspire innovative homegrown solutions to local problems.


Please find below the map to all the host case studies which the the Learning Route Making Rangelands Secure II visited in several Districts of Kenya and Tanzania, specifically: The Naibunga Consevancy Trust in Laikipia Kenya, The Olkiramatian Group Ranch in Kajiado, Kenya, The Resource Advocacy Project (RAP) in Isiolo Kenya, and the Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT) in Terrat Village, Arusha Tanzania.

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