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Making Rangelands Secure I

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6th - 19th of February 2012

Secure access to land and resources has become a critical issue for the millions of rangeland users that depend upon rangelands for their food and livelihood security.

Most pastoralists experience high levels of insecurity due to a number of factors including the lack of recognition given to their rights, the ease with which their land is appropriated for other uses, as well as changes occurring within local communities as many have become more individualised and commercialised.

How best to secure access and rights to resources including land is a matter of much discussion and debate from within the African Union to local communities seeking to protect a permanent water point. Opinions and conclusions differ. However a lasting solution is likely to include not only identifying the right tenure arrangement, but also establishing and supporting effective governance systems capable of defending the rights to land and resources for rangeland users.

In October 2010 agroup of ILC members and partners met inAddis Ababa, Ethiopia to develop the areas that the learning initiative could focus on. Consultations following on from this meeting further refined the key objectives upon which the learning route: Making Rangelands Secure was designed. The  ‘learning route’ is a planned physical journey for the core group of participants to explore the learning goals by visiting relevant experiences in which local actors have tackled similar problems in innovative ways. The Learning Route, based on the demand expressed by IFAD-supported projects in Sudan, took place in several territories in Kenya. Its purpose was to sensitize and train a selected group of key practitioners of the livestock marketing industry in the South on how to scale-up best practices, the solutions available today in the livestock sector and increase the understanding of issues related to a (i) pastoral marketing, (ii) the crop-livestock system and diversification of added-value products, and (iii) small ruminants marketing and production.

Call for Applications

Call For Applications