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Learning Route on Gender and Rural Micro-finance. The Experience of Uganda.

Presentation of Bukonzo Joint Casefi

12th - 20th March 2011

The Food and Agriculture Organization FAO and the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) launched in May 2009 a two-year global programme to promote gender equality through capacity-building and knowledge management. The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to rural poverty reduction through gender equality and women's empowerment, thus improving the effectiveness of operations supported by IFAD and its partners.

The new initiative also builds on previous successful collaboration between FAO's Socio-economic and Gender Analysis (SEAGA) Programme and IFAD. The Programme is collaborating with different partners to minimize learning costs through exchange on best practices and lessons, especially those generated in the field. In the framework of the FAO-IFAD Regional Capacity-building and Knowledge Management for Gender Equality Programme, PROCASUR Corporation was responsible for the design and implementation of Learning Route on Gender and Rural Micro-finance in Uganda in March 2011 to expose, sensitize and train a selected group of key stakeholders in Micro-finance and Gender Issues and new approaches, services and products in Africa.

The main objective of this Learning Route was to identify, analyze and remove the main obstacles, opportunities/strategies for the design and implementation of Gendered Microfinance Programs in order to reduce the learning costs of policy makers, mfi staff, partners and beneficiaries involved and expedite its execution condition through stakeholders’ empowerment. This objective was achieved through face to face and in the field learning dynamics, taking as source of knowledge innovative rural development initiatives in Uganda.


Please find below the call for applications to the learning Route in English and French: 

Call for Applications EN

Call for Applications FR