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Learning Route on Action-oriented research and policy influence for women access to land in Africa. The Experience of Uganda and Kenya.

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 8th - 16th March 2010

Land is a crucial resource for poverty reduction, food security and rural development. However, men and women do not always enjoy the same rights to land. In this context, the PROCASUR Corporation, in collaboration with the International Land Coalition, the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Uganda Land Alliance organized a Learning Route (LR) initiative on Action-oriented research and policy influence for women access to land in Africa.

The LR took place between the 8th and 16th of March 2010, in Uganda and Kenya where overarching issues and strategies that encompass women’s rights to secure land tenure and to meaningfully participate at all stages of land law, policy and programme development, were identified, learnt and shared.

Through a face-to-face learning, the 8-day Learning Route gave the opportunity of learning directly in the field and from its protagonist some of the best practices implemented in favour of rural women and land tenure in order to promote equality, create new economic opportunities and eradicate poverty.

The Main objective of this Learning Route was to improve project performance among IFAD funded projects in ESA by exposing a selected group of their staff to a set of multi stakeholders’ strategies, tools and best practices in women and land tenure systems.


Please find below the map to all the host case studies that were visited during the Learning Route: 

Map.route page 001 03 04 2016