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Learning Route: Facilitating access of organized smallholder farmers to lucrative and fair markets: A case study of Togo


PROCASUR and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are pleased to announce a Learning Initiative (LI) on Farmers Organizations. The Learning Route "Facilitating access of organized smallholder farmers to lucrative and fair markets: A case study of Togo" will take place in Togo from the 29 April – 8 of May 2018. It has been developed under the Large Regional IFAD-Procasur Grant Programme "Strengthening capacities and tools for scaling-up and disseminating innovations (2016 - 2018)"

PROCASUR has been working in collaboration with the IFAD to roll out an array of Learning Initiatives themed around Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) in order to identify lessons from innovative solutions and successful experiences and apply them at a larger scale in Latin America and Africa.

In West and Central Africa (WCA), the lack of stable and lucrative markets is one of the major challenges facing smallholder farmers. Opportunities abound, particularly with the development of local agri-food processing units or exporters who seek to source locally with clearly-defined specifications which are still unmet. In addition, local agriculture fulfils an ever-prominent role in securing - both in quantity and quality - food supplies to urban settlements. However, local agricultural production is now overly dependent upon the performance of marketing and processing channels, which continue to fall short of consumers’ expectations, hence losses of large shares of local markets to competitors importing products. Against this background, Producer Organizations (POs) are pivotal for connecting producers to profitable markets.

The WCA region is replete with various organizational models to connect smallholder farmers to markets, especially through POs, which constitute the aggregation mechanisms conducive to economies of scale and which have developed key services meant to further connect their members with markets. In the sub-region POs exist in all the countries and in most rural areas, though at different levels of development and maturity. Collective action, especially through POs, is therefore a relevant solution to addressing the challenges facing smallholder farmers in their attempts to connect to markets and it is in this framework that PROCASUR and IFAD are implementing this Learning Route.

The main objective of the learning route is to learn the best strategies, mechanisms and tools to facilitate small-scale producers’ access to profitable and equitable markets from two different economic and organizational models.

The ten-day Learning Route will be hosted by two host experiences:

  1. Service Companies and Producer Organizations (ESOP) Soja Nyo is a joint venture or producer groupings’ model that is a shareholder of a soybean processing company.
  2. A producer organization (cooperative model) member of the Togolese Coordination of Farmers Organizations and Agricultural Producers (CTOP) network that offers efficient economic market access services to its members.

The Learning Route is open to two main categories of actors: (i) IFAD portfolio holders and project members in the targeted geographical area (AOC + ESA, LAC) and (ii) other professionals working on the theme of the Route, with a priority given to technicians and leaders of farmers organizations, as well as public and private sector actors involved in the processing/valorization of the production of smallholder farmers.

Apply no later than Tuesday, April 10, 2018!

Please, download, fill and send the (i) Application Form; (ii) Scholarship Request Form; and (iii) your organization Commitment Letter to the email address: gestiondessavoirs@procasur.org before April 10, 2018. Early applications are encouraged. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the Learning Route and guide you in the application process.

For further information please contact by phone or email:

Ms. Lia Poggio (PROCASUR WCA Regional Coordinator):

lpoggio@procasur.org Phone: +221 776471204

Mr. Bamba Sene (PROCASUR WCA Focal Point):

gestiondessavoirs@procasur.org Phone: +221 773596807