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LOCAL CHAMPIONS FAIR - MOZAMBIQUE, 23 - 25 APRIL 2018 Innovative solutions for intergrating the local champions in agricultural extension and advisory systems

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Agricultural extension and advisory services play an important role in agricultural development and can contribute to improve the welfare of farmers and other people living in rural areas. They can be organized and delivered in a variety of forms, but their ultimate aim is to increase farmers’ capacity to overcome poverty in a sustainable way.


However, the agricultural extension and the advisory services in many African countries are still facing important challenges, among them, effectively reaching out to marginalized farmers including women, youth, minorities, and people in very remote areas.


In the recent decades in many Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) countries participatory, demand-driven and Farmer-to-Farmer approaches have been introduced – formally or informally - in order to increase the effectiveness of the extension and advisory systems and to go beyond farmers as ‘beneficiaries’ and make them full-fledged partners in agricultural development.


In this framework, PROCASUR, the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Pro-poor Value Chain Development Project in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors (PROSUL) and the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MASA) of Mozambique are pleased to announce the Local Champions Fair on Innovative solutions for integrating Local Champions in agricultural extension and advisory systems.


The event will take place in Xai-Xai, Mozambique between the 23rd and 25th of April 2018 as a concrete platform of outstanding talents form East and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa and Latin America towards building up better solutions for extension and advisory services.


It will be hosted by the Pro-poor Value Chain Development Project in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors (PROSUL) and the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA). It will be facilitated by PROCASUR and co-funded by IFAD.


The event aims at exchanging innovative solutions and providing inputs to answer to the following questions:

  • How can we improve the Farmer-to-Farmer model and the Local Champions’ role in agriculture extension and advisory services?
  • What are the needs, opportunities and challenges for better Farmer-to-Farmer Learning?

The three-day Local Champions Fair will offer spaces for:

  1. attending workshops and sharing experiences in high level panels;
  2. showcasing Innovative Solutions in farmer-to-farmer extension models in a dedicated market place;
  3. taking part in farmer-to-farmer training and field demonstration;
  4. planning together the actions to strengthen the farmer-to-farmer model in the market of the extension and advisory services in the region and starting up a community of practitioners around farmer-to-farmer extension models.

For further information, please contact by phone or email:

Ms. Valentina Sauve (PROCASUR ESA Regional Coordinator): vsauve@procasur.org  Phone: + 254 706 046 742

Ms. Laura Fantini (Local Champions Fair Coordinator): lfantini@procasur.org Phone: +39 347 320 7428

Ms. Vivienne Likhanga (Communications and Logistic Coordinator)vlikhanga@procasur.org  Phone: +254 20 2716036