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Knowledge Management Tools for Enhanced Project Performance: Methodological Training on the Learning Route methodology

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Khartoum, Sudan 18th – 21st of September 2016

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Country Office (ICO) in Sudan, IFAD supported projects in Sudan and the PROCASUR Corporation have been working in close partnership during the past years to improve project performance through several learning activities following the Learning Route methodology. 

Within this framework, PROCASUR has been invited to lead the methodological training process utilizing its expertise to develop the design and implementation of one (1) methodological training in Sudan and to support with the development and implementation of one (1) in country Learning Route activity in Sudan to benefit Sudan projects staff and other identified key stakeholders. 

IFAD and the Central Coordination Unit for IFAD funded projects in Sudan (CCU) and PROCASUR Corporation have agreed that the PROCASUR shall provide training services for the implementation of the Methodological training and shall support with its methodological expertise the task force in charge of the implementation of the Learning Route activity: Knowledge Management Tools for Enhanced Project Performance.

The Methodological Training on the Learning Route methodology, will take place in Khartoum (Sudan) between the 18th and the 21st of September 2016.

The Learning Initiative´s main objective is to enhance knowledge management skills among IFAD’s supported projects in Sudan for the advancement of methodological tools with the aim of developing customized and country scaled ‘Learning Route’ training activities.