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Learning Route on Innovative mechanisms and tools to promote inclusive agricultural value chains: Experiences of Senegal

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23rd November to 2nd December 2016

PROCASUR and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are pleased to announce a Learning Route initiative that will be held between November 23 and December 2, 2016 in different Senegal regions, on the issue of inclusive agricultural sectors, as part of the "Strengthening capacities and tools for scaling-up and disseminating innovations" Cross-Regional Program, implemented by PROCASUR and supported by IFAD.

On the occasion of this Route titled "Innovative mechanisms and tools to promote inclusive agricultural value chains: experiences of Senegal", participants will feed their learning needs from three ongoing projects in Senegal: "Project support to agricultural sector - PAFA", supported by IFAD, "Naatal Mbay" supported by USAID, and "Promotion of local grain bread" supported by the Senegalese Association for the promotion of grassroots development - ASPRODEB.

This Route will expose participants from different IFAD projects and partner institutions with a range of innovative mechanisms and learning activities organized directly on field through the pooling and sharing of knowledge. Innovative local initiatives will give participants the opportunity to analyze the different key links in the value chain (production, processing, marketing) and identify at each stage the challenges and innovative solutions (regressive subsidy, saving input, institutional arrangements, etc.) that have been made to solve them, always with particular attention paid to the issue of rural youth and gender.

Particular attention will be reserved to ex-post monitoring and accompaniment of the LR participants to insure the correct implementation of the innovation learning and sharing process and to give sustainability to the Innovation Plans designed by the "ruteros"  (Route participants in Spanish).

Apply no later than Saturday, November 5th 2016!

Please, download, fill and send the (i) Application Form; (ii) Scholarship Request Form; and (iii) your organization Commitment Letter to the email address: vsacco@procasur.org or kderrahi@procasur.org  before November the 1st 2016.

For further information, please contact by phone or email: Mr. Karim DERRAHI kderrahi@procasur.org +221 522.3844  Ms. Viviana SACCO vsacco@procasur.org