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Learning Route on Innovative tools and approaches to enhance gender equality in value chain development. Uganda

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23rd November – 1st December 2015

The PROCASUR Corporation in Africa and the Butana Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRDP) and Western Sudan Resources Management Programme (WSRMP) both partnership projects of the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD),

are organizing a Learning Route (LR) initiative on “Innovative tools and approaches to enhance gender equality in value chain development: a Learning Route for BIRDP and WSRM project practitioners in Sudan” that will take place between the 23rd of November and the 1st of December 2015, in Uganda.

The main learning objectives of the LR are:

  • Acquire practical tools for supporting the empowerment of vulnerable men and women involved in the development of value chains through community planning and peer learning;
  • Analyze the best practices and innovations in the Gender Action Learning System methodology (GALS) across the VCD.
  • Plan the use of these tools and best practices by your organization, improving performance and outreach.

These objectives will be achieved through a peer-to-peer learning in the field in which two (2) good practices in Uganda were selected as hosts of the project. This Learning Route is based on the accumulation of lessons learned and previous editions.

Case Studies

Please find below useful thematic information on the Case studies that will be visited during the learning route that we invite you to read:


CEFORD Case Study