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Learning Route on Innovative tools and approaches to secure women's land rights, The case of Rwanda and Burundi.

LR Securing womens land rights-8

3rd to the 10th of February 2014

It is established that women play a big role toward the development of farming and as they are the ones left to till land when their spouses leave to work in the towns.

Their contribution has a major impact on their families' nutritional education and their health at large. However much they contribute towards farming they are never recognised as farmers as the land they till on is not primarily theirs.

This lead to a growing concern from international civil society members and lead them coming up with a way of which women can own land to further their farming and also develop and build a community of practise among practitioners on the way to learn from each other. Building upon this exercise, the PROCASUR Corporation and ILC come together to promote a Learning Route focusing on tools identified and used at country level for securing women's land rights in the ESA Region. This Learning Route took place in Rwanda and Burundi between the 3rd and 10th of February 2014.

The purpose of this collaboration is to identify and share tools and approaches for securing women's land rights (i.e. going beyond mere access to land, focusing on rights, i.e. including control over the resources), identify gaps/tools that need to be developed, and, last but not least, to build a community of practise.