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The Local Champions are people with valuable knowledge, usually practical, that stand within their organization or community for their ways of doing things, their knowledge and innovative leadership on development initiatives that positively impact their own context. Their knowledge and skills make them key players in the experiences built on a Learning Route or a Learning Territory since they become training providers in rural contexts.

The Local Champions are relevant actors, women, men, rural youth, linked to grassroots entities such as labor, community, women's, youth or indigenous peoples organizations, NGOs, networks, local institutions, cooperatives and production associations.

By sharing innovations through customized local knowledge-management tools and methodologies, Procasur connects global institutions with local talents. Our current network of local talents or knowledge champions sums up to over 750, representing 250 different communities, organizations and policy makers. By accessing the global knowledge market, the Local Champions are able to diversify their incomes and improve their lives.

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