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Tailor-made to each client and thematically structured around specific learning objectives, the Learning Routes serves as a capacity building tool, to promote experiential exchange and interaction, through which local people become trainers to their peers. The learning routes promote innovative activities, technologies and approaches that can be applied in rural poverty eradication. The Learning Routes enable lesson learning, advance knowledge management with concrete results, allow the efficient dissemination of information, and inspire the scaling up of the best, field-tested innovations in rural development across regions.

Since 2006, PROCASUR and its partners have implemented over 100 Learning Routes in 25 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia and the Pacific. Have worked directly in the field to find innovative and best practices, and then consolidate them into strategies to strengthen capacities of over 1500 direct users of 40 different nationalities. The network of practitioners ready to implement the Learning Routes, now numbers over 600 champions from 250 organizations and includes rural communities, associations, enterprises, microfinancial institutions, rural development projects and governments.