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Tag: gender equality

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23rd November – 1st December 2015

The PROCASUR Corporation in Africa and the Butana Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRDP) and Western Sudan Resources Management Programme (WSRMP) both partnership projects of the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD),

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3rd December 2014

During April 2011 the International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD) approved the implementation of the Learning Routes: a Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Tool for Rural Development in East and Southern Africa (ROUTESA)"

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LR-Gals 2014 v1 image1

Between the 7th and 14th of September 2014

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in collaboration with PROCASUR had the pleasure of presenting the Learning Route: "Innovative tools and approaches to enhance gender equality in value chain development"

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Uganda, 16th to 23rd of June 2014

Building upon the success of the first implementation of the Learning Route on Gender and Rural Microfinance in March 2011 under the IFAD-PROCASUR Learning Route programme,

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LR Securing womens land rights-8

3rd to the 10th of February 2014

It is established that women play a big role toward the development of farming and as they are the ones left to till land when their spouses leave to work in the towns.

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Rwanda, 24th September - 3rd October 2012

The community-led empowerment methodology Gender Action Learning System (GALS) aims at ‘constructive economic, social and political transformation’ in gender relations .

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Presentation of Bukonzo Joint Casefi

12th - 20th March 2011

The Food and Agriculture Organization FAO and the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) launched in May 2009 a two-year global programme to promote gender equality through capacity-building and knowledge management. The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to rural poverty reduction through gender equality and women's empowerment, thus improving the effectiveness of operations supported by IFAD and its partners.

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ilc imple 761 GrandeRut

 8th - 16th March 2010

Land is a crucial resource for poverty reduction, food security and rural development. However, men and women do not always enjoy the same rights to land. In this context, the PROCASUR Corporation, in collaboration with the International Land Coalition, the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Uganda Land Alliance organized a Learning Route (LR) initiative on Action-oriented research and policy influence for women access to land in Africa.

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