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There are management methods and tools that improve the living conditions of the rural population by producing new income alternatives. For example, the direct transfer of resources, technical assistance on demand, resource allocation by public competition, the use of talking maps for participatory assessment and planning, among other strategies, strengthen participation and decision-making capacity of rural peoples.

Procasur disseminates and promotes the exchange and adaptation of new approaches and tools developed by projects and rural development programmes through learning processes involving farmers, leaders of rural associations and microenterprises, technical teams of development projects, policy-makers, government authorities and other practitioners.


For further information on the Learning Routes: a Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Tool for Rural Development in East and Southern Africa (ROUTESA)" Programme, we invite you to please read the presentations below :

The Case of Kenya RoutESA Regional Workshop December 2014

The Case of Rwanda RoutESA Regional Workshop December 2014

The Case of Uganda RoutESA Regional Workshop December 2014

WS Overall Presentation RoutESA Regional Workshop December 2014