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Since 1996, Procasur has worked as a knowledge broker for the Global South, linking international institutions and regional organizations with local governments, rural talents and communities to identify, nourish and share innovative ideas. We work with diverse stakeholders to share the best practices and new trends in rural development, in themes such as rural microfinance, value chain development and market access, natural resource management, women empowerment, youth inclusion, innovative technologies and more.

The Compendium of Best Practices gives concrete examples of systematizations that have been jointly developed with the beneficiaries´ associations. The process involves main stakeholders participating in the implementation of rural development initiatives and highlights main lessons learned and recommendations.

Rural Microfinance Innovations

"Microfinance stands as one of the most promising and cost-effective tools in the fight against global poverty. Small loans can transform lives, especially the lives of women and children. The poor can become empowered instead of disenfranchised. Homes can be built, jobs can be created, businesses can be launched, and individuals can feel a sense of worth again" Innovations in financial services, particularly in microfinance, have enabled millions of women and men in rural areas - formerly excluded from the financial sector - to gain access to these services on an ongoing basis. However opportunities and challenges emerge for those microfinance institutions striving to serve clientele necessitating a clear incorporation of gender mainstreaming in rural finance.

For this reason, Procasur Corporation, in collaboration with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have systematized several cases on Rural Microfinance: new approaches, services and products for the empowerment of economically active rural communities. The major purpose of these systeamtizations is to showcase a variety of microfinance delivery models and innovative practices that foster peer-to-peer learning potential for up scaling within IFAD's East and Southern Africa – ESA

Gender and Rural Microfinance}

Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union

Iganga district farmers association

FINCA Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship, Product Diversification and Savings Mobilization

SMS UWESO Financial Services for OVCS and People Living with HIV

In Pursuit of Ideas to Develop Savings and Credit Cooperatives

1. Wakenya Pamoja sacco.VF.LR2

2. Product Innovation Ndetika Rural SACCO.VF.LR2

3. Board Dynamics and Strategic Alliances Universal Traders SACCO.VF.LR2


Strategic Rural Finance Policies

Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda AMFIU

Kugumikiriza Group_The Village SAving and Loan Associations VSLA

Strategic Rural Finance Policies The Iganga District Farmers Association

The Microfinance Support Centre Limited