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Africa, the world’s 2nd largest continent, has immense resources. In 40 years, Africa will make a great leap forward benefiting from the achievements of trade, regionalization, public private partnerships, the knowledge age, and good governance. Africa’s rural areas are complex and dynamic environments. They are inhabited by communities that are diverse - culturally, socially and economically; communities that play a critical role in determining the food security and environmental sustainability of the continent.

Procasur Africa enables you to be a reliable partner in Africa’s development by building credible relationships at community level. We are knowledge brokers for community based learning, enabling you to be an effective player in the interphase between communities and national/ international policy processes. By working with you to constantly improve our mutual understanding of rural development challenges in Africa, we are able to co-design and co-deliver customized and efficient knowledge-management tools and methodologies, we connect local knowledge to global knowledge markets, and we provide the structured platforms necessary to spread innovation and promote scaling up. Our cooperation contributes to improved quality of life and livelihoods for poor, vulnerable and marginalized rural communities across the continent.