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Learning Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Tools for Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Andean region, Latin America and Caribbean

18 – 28, August 2018

Dear Colleagues,

PROCASUR and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), in cooperation with the University of Chile, through the Energy Center of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, are pleased to announce a Learning Initiative (LI) on CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION STRATEGIES AND TOOLS FOR SUSTAINABLE RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN”. It will take place from 18th to 28th of August 2018 and it will be based on the experiences of Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

Climate change is recognized as a factor of vulnerability for the world’s population, in particular for the rural population, whose livelihood depends on the availability of natural resources and biodiversity.

In order to face climate change and reduce the vulnerability of rural populations, it is urgent to increase the capacities and skills of technical teams and leaders of associations, in order to transversally include this new reality and bring together proven strategies, tools and solutions that are resilient and adaptive. In the Andean region, various long-term sustainable rural development initiatives supported by various entities, including the IFAD in Bolivia, Chile and Peru, offer cases and practical experiences for promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation processes, planned and implemented at the level of programs and projects in coordination and partnership with decentralized territorial governments and other relevant actors, which are geared towards improving agricultural productivity and the sustainable use of natural resources, in order to achieve an equitable and balanced rural development.

In this framework, the ten-day Learning Route is aimed at providing concepts, strategies, good practices and methodological tools for mainstreaming an adaptation, risk management and climate change mitigation approach into rural development investments, with a view to increasing the adaptive capacity and resilience of small producers and rural people to climate change.

This call is addressed with priority to technical teams of institutions and projects implementing investments in rural development and sustainable agriculture, including IFAD and the implementing public institutions, representatives of the private sector, farmers’ leaders’ associations and civil society, who:

  • Actively support the implementation of new methodologies, technologies and tools for adaptation to climate change, seeking to support resilient and sustainable investments, in direct benefit of the rural population.
  • Seek to improve the impact and sustainability of investments in rural territories by optimizing resources and by advancing in the systematic integration of climate adaptation and climate-smart agriculture strategies
  • Seek to articulate actions, resources and knowledge with rural development initiatives supported by IFAD in Latin America and the Caribbean, in favor of climate adaptability and intelligent agriculture of small rural producers.

To participate in the Learning Initiative, applicants must complete the application documents attached and send to to Karen Rees krees@ procasur.org and Laura Fantini lfantini@procasur.org, no later than 6th of July 2018.


For any further information, please download the Call for applications document at the following link and do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep following us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more updates from this workshop and the upcoming Learning Route that we will be sharing in the coming days. We encourage you to kindly share this news among your networks.

Kind regards,

The Learning Route Team