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PROCASUR and IFAD: working together to learn from the practice and promote south south cooperation


IFAD PROCASUR PSC Rome February 2017

9​th February 2017

In the framework of the Large Grant Regional programme: Strengthening Capacities and Tools to scale up and disseminate Innovations (Brochure of the Programme), approved by the International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) in October 2015 and effectively on-going since February 2016, Procasur and IFAD have jointly organized the second Programme Steering Committee (PSC) as well as the learning event “Learning from practice – Connecting Innovative Solutions for the Global South”. Both events were held in IFAD HQ Rome, on the 9th of February 2017.

The PSC meeting was aimed at discussing the progress, relevant thematic areas and the way forward of the IFAD-Procasur Programme. It was chaired by Ms. Margarita Mateu, Director of AGRORURAL at the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru. The meeting also had in attendance several IFAD project directors from different countries where the Programme is operating, mainly: Senegal, Mozambique, Kenya, Peru and Bolivia; as well as representatives of IFAD and PROCASUR’s regional and technical teams involved in the directory of the Programme. (Agenda with the programme and the participants).

Many were the issues raised and discussed during the meeting, some of those were:

  1. The importance of systematically fostering cross regional exchanges as part of the several learning opportunities envisaged during the second year of the Programme;
  2. The importance of strengthening the policy dialogue and collaboration with policy makers - local governments and institutions - (at all levels) and their involvement / implication in the whole process;
  3. how the integration of the action plans in the Annual Work Plan and Budgets (AWPBs) of IFAD’s projects in order to ensure ownership and scaling up of innovations by IFAD funded projects and main actors involved in order to to enhance the impact of the programme;
  4. The importance of enhancing “dialogue” among the themes analysed in the three regions (ESA, WCA and LAC) and maintaininga focus on gender and youth as cross cutting issue, also while approaching other thematic areas.

The PSC meeting was also an opportunity to discuss about the key role of Knowledge Management (KM) within IFAD’s projects and how the Large Grant IFAD-PROCASUR regional programme can further support the improvement of KM tools and approaches within IFAD funded projects.

In the afternoon, the learning event “Learning from practice – Connecting Innovative Solutions for the Global South” capitalized on the experiences gained by each region in the framework of the Programme and on the good practices developed by key actors and partners of the Programme. 

A cross regional panel took place aimed at fostering knowledge exchange on innovative solutions for rural development within IFAD funded projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, East and Southern Africa, and West and Central Africa regions. The learning event also aimed at raising attention on different approaches for local champions’ effective inclusion as knowledge service providers; applied by specific programme and policy experiences in the different regions of interest for the programme.

The Latin American panellists, Ms. Margarita Mateu (AGRORURAL) and Mr Luis Saez (Highlands and High Rainforest Project, IFAD funded project in Peru) introduced their strategies on the adoption of local champions in the national policies in Peru as knowledge services providers. Mr. José Antonio Carvajal - Project Director of ACCESOS, IFAD supported Project in the Plurinational State of BOLIVIA, presented the main characteristics of IFAD programmes in Bolivia and the future perspective of work in the framework of climate change adaptation and natural resource management envisaged for 2017.

The African panellists, Mr. Daniel Ozias Mate, the Project Director of the PROSUL IFAD funded project in Mozambique and Ms. Faith Muthoni Livingstone, the Project Director of Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project, IFAD supported Project in Kenya, presented the innovations in the framework of their respective projects, with a particular reference to the important issue of climate change and adaptation strategies. Finally, Mr. Semou Diouf, the Project Director of PAFA – ext.  made a presentation on the innovations being developed in Senegal in the framework of the Agricultural Value Chain Development project in relation to the strategy of inclusion of youth local champions in inclusive value chains.

The event was attended by a group of approximately 25 IFAD staff representatives from different divisions and capitalized on the sharing of knowledge and experiences at cross regional level to enhance south-south cooperation.