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KENYA : Call for Innovations!! Young Innovators in Agriculture Award

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November, 2016

Apply now to stand a chance to win USD 5000 in the Young Innovators in Agriculture Award!

Young innovators below 35yrs across Africa are invited to show case cutting edge innovations, including social innovations that best provide solutions on how women and their communities can build and strengthen resilience through resilient technologies and associated innovative strategies, projects, interventions and methods to be brought on scale. The innovations can be at pilot level, medium or advanced and should strengthen women’s and girls’ capacities to mitigate, adapt, recover and learn from shocks and stresses while achieving the longer term-goal to reduce vulnerability and increase well-being of women and communities.

The selection process:   All submissions will be judged by an independent and credible external panel of experts with strong resilience programming experience. The winning innovator will receive USD 5000, the 2nd will receive USD 2000 and the 3rd will USD 1000. An online catalogue of all innovations received will be created. Innovators from the HoA (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda) are particularly strongly encouraged to apply.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday 5th November 2016

How to apply:The applicant should submit their application by 5 November, 2016, using the guidance below and submit through the email jack.abebe@unwomen.org with a copy to joy.mulema@fao.org and harriet.tergat@wfp.org

For more information on this and how to participate in the Regional Share fair on Gender and Resilience: Strengthening Resilience by Empowering Women which will be taking place between the 9-10 November 2016, in Nairobi-Kenya, find more details here.

Please feel free to share this call for applications among your networks or people you think will be interested in applying!