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EL SALVADOR and COLOMBIA: Apply now to participate in the Learning Route on Sustainable Inclusion of Youth in Rural Development!!

Initiative for Inclusion of Young Protagonists of Rural Developmen2t

September, 2016

PROCASUR Corporation and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are pleased to invite you to the Learning Route: "Networks, articulation and strategies for sustainable inclusion of youth in rural development initiatives" that is going to be held in El Salvador and Colombia between the 6th and 15th of November 2016.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday 30th September 2016

This Learning Route aims at sharing and applying strategies and innovations for effective inclusion of youth in policy making and rural development initiatives and is part of the "Learning and Change Initiative for the inclusion of young protagonists of rural development" supported by IFAD and implemented by PROCASUR in the framework of the "Strengthening skills and Tools to Scale up and spread Innovations" (STooSI) 2016-2018, which is a Cross-regional Program between Latin America and Africa.

It also aims to promote and strengthen youth networks, institutional coordination and development of entrepreneurship, through dialogue and feedback with technical teams, partners and young leaders involved in relevant initiatives in Colombia and El Salvador.


During the route we will learn innovative mechanisms and strategies that have been proven successful in the implementation of good practices for incorporating youth in development initiatives in their territories.

From the experiences of MAG-IFAD (PRODEMOR CENTRAL, PRODEMORO and AMANECER RURAL), the AREJURES Network (Rural Youth Networks Association of El Salvador), the National Network of Rural Youth and the Committee for the public-private inter-institutional coordination of Colombia projects, it will be possible to get aware of and learn strategies and tools of economic, social and citizenship inclusion of the rural youth put on evidence for their effectiveness and impact.

The call is open to all project teams with IFAD funding, its allies and all the other institutions and organizations interested in advancing the improvement and diffusion of sustainable inclusion of young people in their strategies, implemented in rural territories of Latin America and Africa.

To apply to this Learning and Change Initiative please download and complete this 
Application Form  before Friday September 30, 2016. You can also apply online here.

Please feel free to share this call for applications among your networks or people you think will be interested in applying!