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Procasur and IFAD start activities in West and Central Africa under the new Interregional Program for capacity building in knowledge management and scaling up of innovations

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Dakar, Senegal - Between September 6 and 9 in Dakar and Kaolack the Methodological Transfer Workshop "For an inclusive management of local knowledge through the systematization of good practices"is being carried on, representing the first official activity in the framework of the Interregional Program 2016-2018 "Strengthening capacities and tools to scale-up and disseminate innovations", implemented in Africa and Latin America by PROCASUR with IFAD support and collaboration of different partners.

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The activities, organized with the IFAD Country Office in Dakar, see the participation of 16 between representatives of PROCASUR partners in the region: Agritools, Iedafrique, IPAR (Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale); and 2iE (International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering); and IFAD staff members, managers and technicians of institutions and programs supported by the international agency in 3 countries: from Senegal, PAFA-Ext (Programme d'Appui aux agricoles filieres - Extension); PADAER (Programme d'appui au Developpement Agricole et à l'rural entreprenariat); and FNDASP (Fonds National de Développement Agro-Pastoral Sylvo); from Benin, PROCAR (Programme Cadre des Interventions IFAD rural milieu du au Bénin); and form Cape Verde, POSER (Programme de Promotion des Opportunités Rural Socio-économique).

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The objectives of the initiative are inserted into the results expected by the Interregional Program and aim to improve knowledge management originated mainly by the systematization of good local practices through learning and real application of the methodologies learned. Participants can get to know and practically understand the tools they will apply in their projects, thus contributing to the scaling-up of these good practices.

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In this perspective, the program of the 4-day workshopprovides interaction and learning in classroom and practical sessions in the field, with the direct involvement of Local Champions within the organization Jamm Bugum in Dakar province. It is an institution that brings together 1049 members, including 133 young farmers who in 2016, with the support of IFAD PAFA-Ext Program, have distinguished themselves developing good practices based on innovations in climate change adaptation, applied to 266 hectares of millet crops.

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The development of the initiative of learning and training does not end with the activities of these four days but it will continue through the implementation by Procasur and its partners’ teams in the region, of an ex-post monitoring and support process to action plans mandatorily presented by the participants of the initiative, focusing on the proper and effective systematization of best practices in their projects and institutions.

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"PROCASUR and IFAD consider this second phase ex-post key - has highlighted Luyaku Loko Nsimpasi, IFAD Country Program Manager in Senegal, at the opening of the works on the first day (photo) - to ensure a measurable and sustainable impact of knowledge management processes to the involved projects and stakeholders".

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In the following days we will share the progress of the ongoing initiative through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Keep in touch!!

Download here the “Guide for Workshop Participants” and the “Program of activities” (In French).