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ITALY - "Sharing innovative solutions for the Global South." PROCASUR global team promoted with IFAD staff in Rome knowledge and learning from their global experiences.

Foto 01 02 2016 1 copy

March 2, 2016

After having been present at IFAD Global Staff Meeting 2016 with a stand on 22 and 23 February, showing our experiences through all the institutional publications and multimedia products, Procasur global team facilitated an initiative within the framework of IFAD Staff PMD Learning Days.

In the event 15 CPMs and CPOs of Latin America, Asia and Africa and thematic divisions protagonists of the initiatives held globally in collaboration with Procasur, presented their experiences with the regional coordinators of our organization, sharing tools and best practices with more than 20 colleagues and representatives of other partner institutions.

The training session was completed with the official presentation of the new IFAD-PROCASUR three years-long interregional program "Local knowledge for Innovation in the Global South" involving Latin American and Africa countries, with special attention also to the experiences of Asia and its local talent.

The initiative has represented a first step in the consolidation of Procasur as a global player in the management and generation of knowledge for development and the establishment of South-to-South cooperation dynamics between different thematic and geographic areas in the world.

Our purpose is to keep nurturing a new global platform of experts interested in our approach, in which all the speakers and participants at the meeting will be involved in search for deepening the interinstitutional dialogue and for opportunities to replicate and scale-up successful experiences in new projects and collaborative initiatives inside and outside IFAD projects.

The multimedia event documentation is available on our social networks: the images gallery and a short video story of the learning day.