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IFAD and PROCASUR agreement to implement Cross Regional Programme: "Strengthening skills and tools to stagger and disseminate innovations."

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February 08, 2016

In October 2015, IFAD and PROCASUR signed an agreement to implement the program "Strengthening Capacities and Tools to scale up and disseminate Innovations." This program will be implemented over a period of three years (January 2016 - December 2018) and its main goal is to reduce poverty in rural areas of Latin America -LAC-, East and Southern Africa –ESA- and West and Central Africa -WCA. Its main objective is to improve the performance and impact during the implementation of rural development projects in LAC, ESA and WCA, through an increased access to innovative solutions, capacity building and scaling of good practices to reduce rural poverty.

The program involves four IFAD divisions: Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), West and Central Africa (WCA) and the Division of Policy and Technical Assessment (PTA). While in LAC and ESA the program will build on the knowledge, skills and alliances developed by PROCASUR’s prior experience in those territories, in WCA the Learning Route methodology will be newly introduced. Thanks to the direct involvement of PTA, the program will focus on the cross-cutting issue of Land Tenure Security and Natural Resources Management; additionally, all training activities will have a cross-regional approach to ensure global learning on relevant rural development topics.

On January 14, 2016 the first virtual meeting of the Steering Committee of the Programme was held in Rome, Nairobi, Dakar and Lima with an expert committee composed of the following members: Mr. Bara Gueye, Director of Iedafrique, moderator of the Committee; Mr. Luis Saenz, National Coordinator of the IFAD Sierra Selva Alta Project, Peru; and Ms. Faith Muthoni Livingston, Director of IFAD Project for the Management of Natural Resources of the Upper Tana River Basin (UTNRMP), Kenya. They have participated in the meeting with an observer role: Steven Jonckeere, Program Manager and Head of Knowledge Management and M&E division for Central and West Africa; Harold Liversage, Advisor on Land Tenure for the division of Policy and Technical Advisory IFAD; Elisa Mandelli, Junior Professional Officer and Laure Martin, Program Analyst, Division of Latin America. The secretaries of the meeting were PROCASUR’s Coordinators for LAC, WCA and ESA: Rita Borquez, Viviana Sacco, and Valentina Sauve, respectively. During the Programme steering committee virtual meeting the Annual Work Plan for the first year (January to December 2016) was presented and approved.

In conclusion, the next step will be to officially launch the program during the Global Meeting of IFAD Staff on the 22nd and 23rd of February, where PROCASUR will have a stand proving and disseminating information, publications and materials associated to the project. Finally, during the IFAD Learning Days (more exactly on February 25), there will be a workshop organized by IFAD and Procasur with the aim of sharing methodologies for capacity-building and successful experiences of the Global South. The workshop will have Procasur as facilitators and will count on the active participation of IFAD country offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America.