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RWANDA - Boosting gender equality in Rwanda!

LRwomen01 11 2015 2

November 04, 2015

The benefits of women’s empowerment to the global economy are increasingly recognized, however women around the world particularly those living in rural areas continue to encounter social, economic, cultural and legal barriers that prevent them from realizing their full potential.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is supporting the Kirehe Community-based Watershed Management Project (KWAMP) project in Rwanda that is working with rural women and men to enable them to overcome some of those barriers. Full details here.

PROCASUR in collaboration with IFAD and other partners have organized several learning routes on the  Gender Action Learning system  that aims not only to empower the women of the region to realize their economic potential, but also to change the way community members think in order to facilitate the move towards gender equality. More details on these Learning Routes can be found here on the LR on GALS in 2012 and the LR on GALS 2014.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Rwanda (MINICOM) and PROCASUR also joined forces to develop a Learning Route in Kenya on Savings and Credit Cooperatives. Thanks to this route, Rwandan COOPECs (savings and credit cooperatives)  officials, who participated became aware of the economic interest that represent the poor, especially women. They have managed to implement a number of strategies to strengthen their financial inclusion. For more on this please read the final report on this case study.