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ITALY - Terra Madre Giovani: We Feed The Planet!

07102015 post taller ifad 1

October 7, 2015

Terra Madre Giovani has started on Saturday the 3rd of October: 1 big event, bringing together 2500 young participants coming from 120 different countries from all over the world to share ideas, experiences and visions about the future of the food in the planet.

Small producers, young farmers, representatives of young organizations, students, NGOs, small enterprises, many different actors participating at this big event which will bring together the voices of young peoples to the EXPO in Milan.  The objective is to create new visions, ideas and proposal for feeding the planet in a sustainable way. 

Connect – being inspired – create and share: those are the key words, which summarize the 4 days programme event.

  • Day 1: was about connection amongst participants and opening of the event with the local authorities of Milan as well as a warm welcome by Carlo Petrini (Slow Food) and Raj Patel setting the stage for the following days;
  • Day 2: was about being inspired from very interesting presentations, and workshops on different topics: women in agriculture, land access, indigenous seeds, ocean grabbing and fisheries, and many others topics relevant for the future of food in the world.
  • Day 3 has been focused on creating new ideas and creating new projects through interactive workshops and activities, elaborating proposals for the food of future generations;
  • Day 4: Terra Madre Giovani will move to the Expo in order to share ideas, visions and concrete proposals to feed the planet in a sustainable way with good, fair and clean food.

The Terra Madre Giovani event is a big incubator for new ideas and proposals: many workshops, discussions, cooking exhibitions and several spaces and opportunities for networking amongst farmers and organizations of different countries.

Amongst the more than 2000 participants to this big event, a delegation composed by young representatives of youth organizations, farmers, small producers, indigenous peoples organizations, associations and young professionals working with PROCASUR and IFAD in different countries is participating of this great opportunity for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences.

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