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UGANDA - Methodological Transfer: PROCASUR in collaboration with IFAD Country Office in Uganda

IMG 4307 2 uganda 2015

May 15, 2015

We are glad to contact you to share with you the Guidelines for the implementation of the in-country and project scale learning routes made by PROCASUR and IFAD Country Office in Uganda.

This final product is the result of a successful partnership between PROCASUR and IFAD and we would like to ask you for your help in disseminating the document among your contacts, networks and channels.

IFAD Country Office (ICO) Uganda and PROCASUR Africa have been collaborating to support IFAD’s projects in Uganda in the implementation of effective in-country and project scale learning visits, inspired by the PROCASUR Learning Route (LR) Methodology. As an example, the Rural Financial Service Programme (RFSP) - a project of ICO Uganda- took some inspiration from the LR model to promote learning visits aimed at ensuring knowledge sharing and mutual learning between Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) in Uganda. When the oil palm farmers identified a need for optional financial services beyond the bank, the Vegetable Oil Development Programme II (VODP2) another ICO Project in Uganda, worked closely with RFSP to organize a ‘Learning Route’ for the farmers to learn about SACCOs. The ICO then worked with PROCASUR Africa to support the process of exchange of knowledge between RFSP and VODP2, by organizing a learning workshop in Uganda.  To further mainstream knowledge sharing through exchange visits or customized ‘learning routes’, the ICO drafted guidelines for projects, based on the knowledge gained from the partnership with PROCASUR. Consequently, today the partnership is at a new level, where the Learning Routes methodology has been fully customized and transferred to the ICO and projects in the portfolio.

PROCASUR Africa contributed to this effort by sharing its methodological tools and expertise, as well as providing guidance on the development of the simplified LR guidelines, facilitating the field-testing of the guidelines, packaging, training key staff in the implementation of the guidelines, and other aspects of this project. Through these guidelines ICO in Uganda are now able to own and undertake the learning route methodology on their own!

For more information and further useful reading on this methodological transfer here: