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THAILAND - Indigenous knowledge and forest management in Northern Thailand

30052015 thailand video

May 30, 2015

Deep in the mountain jungles of Northern Thailand, three indigenous communities joined hands for a common goal: sustainable management of their forest. The Akha people of Pa Kia village, the Lahu people of Pha Tai Mai village and the Karen people of Huay Hin Lad Nai village took change by the hand to progress with good practices, while saving their cultural and natural heritage. With traditional wisdom, healthy and sustainable living, and financial security in mind, they give their testimonies for the experience with the Learning Routes in Laos (2012) and Nepal (2014) and the following implementation of two innovation plans with the support of IFAD, AIPP, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation of Thailand and Procasur Corporation and Procasur Asia Pacific.

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The final report of the Learning Route: "Managing Forests, Sustaining Lives, Improving Livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Groups in the Mekong Region”, along with its main outcomes, outputs and lessons learned, can also be downloaded here: and here: