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SENEGAL – Procasur is participating to the ILC Global Land Forum 2015

procasur land forum ILC2015 3

May 11, 2015

On the 13th of May PROCASUR and IFAD have jointly organized a break out session focusing on access to land for the new generations. The session has been the opportunity to introduce Procasur and IFAD innovative approaches and successful experiences on youth and access to land, as well as to present results and lessons from two good practices in Bolivia and Senegal:

Fundacion Tierra has presented main lessons and innovations from the supported initiative of access to land for youth generation, with a specific focus on women carried out in the highland of Bolivia. The President of the Sesame Value Chain Inter professional association has presented the experience of youth access to land in Senegal, through the support received by PAFA IFAD Programme.

A discussion by Regions has been undertaken by small groups of participants to the session in order to elaborate action points for the attention of the Global Land Forum from different regional perspectives: Western and Central Africa, Southern and East Africa, Latin American countries and Asia.

The action points elaborated by participants have been presented during the plenary of the Forum, amongst the main relevant: i) supporting innovative mechanisms which promote youth access to land, such as land titling of young women to land, and/or co-ownership of young couples, rights to use lands and inheritance in life,  ii) make land an attractive job opportunity for young peoples in order to reduce the huge migration of young peoples to urban areas;  iii) solve conflicts on land through intergenerational level.

Read more: https://storify.com/ProcasurAfrica/time-for-action-on-land-rights