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ITALY - Leveraging South-South and triangular cooperation (SSC) to achieve results

10072014 roma julio

July 7, 2015

PROCASUR, was pleased to attend the IFAD roundtable discussion “Leveraging South-South and triangular cooperation (SSC) to achieve results” held in Rome on the 07 of July 15. The roundtable was attended by a number of representatives from several international and research organizations working on SSC, such as: FAO, WFP, Embrapa, CIRAD, World Bank, UN Office for South South Cooperation, International Poverty Reduction Center in China and many others, including of course IFAD, which hosted and organized such event.

Ariel Halpern, Vice President of PROCASUR, highlighted as “PROCASUR is a son or a daughter of South-South cooperation, since in the last 20 years we have been working mainly with IFAD’s operation on the field promoting south-south cooperation, by listening practitioners on their demand for practical and innovative solutions to reduce rural poverty”.

PROCASUR document and disseminate local knowledge and innovations, which already work and exist on the ground. “We choose to document who is the owner of the knowledge and how this knowledge can be alive and a source of income for the local champions”. The Learning Route is one of the methodologies developed by Procasur to promote South-South Cooperation through knowledge sharing and scaling up of innovations at field level. They have demonstrated to be an effective tool to bring changes and innovations from practitioners to practitioners and from one country to another in the global south.

One of the results of the work PROCASUR has done with IFAD was the strengthening of IFAD project staff capacities on the ground to bring changes.

The meeting was a very fruitful opportunity to share experiences and perspectives on SSC amongst different actors.