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EL SALVADOR - Call for applications: Learning Route “Strategies and Innovations for the Inclusion of Rural Youth as Development Actors in Their Territories”

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December 15, 2014

PROCASUR Corporation, with support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), is organizing the Learning Route: “Strategies and Innovations for the Inclusion of Rural Youth as Development Actors in Their Territories” to be held in El Salvador on February 22-28, 2015.

During the Learning Route we will know some innovative mechanisms and strategies that have proven successful while implementing best practices to incorporate rural youth in development initiatives within their territories. Some of the specific topics to analyse during the Route will be:

  1. Institutional framework and public policy aimed at rural youth;
  2. Mainstreaming rural youth issues into rural development projects;
  3. Spaces and articulation strategies of actors / sectors to support rural youth;
  4. Intergenerational succession incentives in farmer organizations;
  5. Strategies to support youth entrepreneurship and youth-led business financing;
  6. Targeted services for access to financial and land assets;
  7. Citizen engagement, partnership and building of rural youth networks.

The participation of mixed teams will be encouraged. A young leader with experience in enterprise development and social participation initiatives in rural areas, plus a representative of a technical team from IFAD co-financed operations in the region—or other organizations interested in participating—form a mixed team.

To apply for this Learning Route please complete and submit the Application Form until Tuesday December 30, 2014. The results of the application process and allocation of scholarships will be available on January 5, 2015.

We encourage submitting early applications and we will be happy to provide more information about the Learning Route and guide you through the application process.

Contact Us!

Andrea Esquivel (English and Spanish) aesquivel@procasur.org +56223416367

Alda Berardinelli (Creole and French) aberardinelli@procasur.org

Lia Poggio (Portuguese) lpoggio@procasur.orgThis

Call for Applications

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