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To address climate change, natural resources management, community development and other practices of rural development, the PROCASUR Corporation developed a methodology called the Learning Territory (LT) that was implemented and scaled up in several countries of Latin America and beyond.

A LT is identified to be an area with a density of assets (social, cultural, economic and productive) and accumulated knowledge from the experience developed by the operations and projects in that region. This methodological tool seeks to encourage Local Champions in the associative management of their local knowledge. It integrates diverse experiences – with technical and pedagogical relevance – with the development of a range of practical and ​locally specialized training, promoting new alternatives of training for community Project Management Committees (PMCs), women and men, youth, technical teams of development projects and others stakeholders. At the same time, it capitalizes on local knowledge as an alternative of income generation for Local Champions. The Learning Territory is developed around the concepts of Local Champions and Local Knowledge.

Building upon the successful results and lessons acquired under the Learning Territory Programme in Latin America, it was proposed under the IFAD-PROCASUR Knowledge Sharing Programme: "Strengthening Capacities and Tools to Scale Up and Disseminate Innovations", to develop a project that would capitalize on the experiences and knowledge built during the past years of the implementation of the Upper Tana Catchment Natural Resources Management Programme (UTaNRMP). At least one Learning Territory is to be set up and implemented to document and package those experiences into an innovative peer to peer in the field training.

The Upper Tana Learning Territory will focus on Climate Change Adaptation solutions with scaling up potential. It will integrate different experiences – with technical and pedagogical relevance – with the development of a practical and territory specific specialized training, promoting new alternatives for the access to extension services. The UTaNRMP Learning Territory project aims at reaching the following main objectives:

  • to capitalize on the local knowledge built around the management of natural resources by key community organizations (Water Resource Users Associations WRUAs) that can be found in the Upper Tana catchment area; 
  • to organize this local knowledge around a pedagogical curriculum; 
  • to strengthen the role of key ‘local champions/rural talents’ in the access to alternative extension services; and
  • to favour the scaling up of these best practices through national and international trainings. 

This initiative will expose participants from different IFAD projects and partner institutions with a range of innovative mechanisms and learning activities organized directly in the field through the pooling and sharing of knowledge. Innovative local initiatives will give participants of the Learning Territory the opportunity to analyse and to learn about innovative tools and practices developed by different actors on natural resources management directly from the local champions in the host experiences and with the support of thematic experts. 

For further information, please contact by phone or email:

Ms. Valentina Sauvevsauve@procasur.org Phone: + 254 706 046 742

Ms. Vivienne Likhangavlikhanga@procasur.org Phone: +254 20 2716036