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Knowledge. We believe that knowledge is power, and that by fostering homegrown knowledge exchange, we can end worldwide poverty. We are practical in our approach to sharing, storing and disseminating information

Local talents. We build local capacities and foster local talents to empower communities, businesses and marginalized groups, and to contribute to larger scale policy processes. Our current network of local talents or knowledge champions sums up to over 750, representing 250 different communities, organizations and policy makers. By accessing the global knowledge market, the local talents are able to diversify their incomes and improve their lives.

South-South Cooperation. We connect the Global South. We serve as a knowledge warehouse for international institutions, and a bridge for integrated and inclusive communication between women and men, development practitioners, advocates, and policy-makers.

Impact. We create customized, targeted solutions. We are not afraid to take risks, and have tried-and-true practices and methodologies that ensure innovation and impact. For us, impact means concrete results on the ground and better development effectiveness.