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Linking smallholders to commercialization practices
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and the Global Land Tool Network GLTN), are organizing a Learning Route (LR) initiative on “Innovative Ideas on securing land resource rights through inclusive business models” that will take place between the 3rd - 10th December 2015, in Uganda.

The Learning Route is developed in collaboration with the Vegetable Oil Development Project – Phase II (VODP-II), Starcafé Limited and Kawacom Limited. And will take place in Uganda where innovative strategies for the establishment of sustainable inclusive business models in rural areas that secure land and other natural resource rights of IFAD´s target groups, were identified.

Through a face-to-face learning, the 8-day Learning Route includes the opportunity of learning directly in the field and from its protagonist some of the best practices implemented in favour of learning on the implications of business partnerships between small-scale farmers and outside investors in order to promote shared value amongst partners, create new economic opportunities and secure land and natural resource rights.

The Main objective of this Learning Route to improve project performance among IFAD funded projects in ESA by exposing a selected group of their staff to a set of multi stakeholders’ strategies, tools and best practices in securing land and natural resource rights through business partnerships between small-scale farmers and investors.

During this unique journey through knowledge, participants will be supported by PROCASUR and experts, in the design of an "Action Plan" aimed at integrating and adopting the best practices in their respective settings and enhancing their organizations and projects performance.

A Contest after the Learning Route will prize the best two Innovation Plans with a starting capital of USD 2500.

Please find below the Application pack composed by the following documents: (i) Call for applications; (ii) Application form of the Learning Route; (iii) Scholarship form and (iv) an Endorsment Letter for the sponsoring organization.

In order to apply, it is necessary to send the application form to vsauve@procasur.org / l.irungu@procasur.org

For further information, feel free to send your queries or contact us:

Valentina Sauve: vsauve@procasur.org Phone: +254 (0) 706046742

Loise Irungu: l.Irungu@procasur.org Phone: +254 (020) 2716036

Please feel free to share this information with other potential participants and people you feel will be interested in applying. We remain at your disposal should you require any further information.



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